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Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Sam Manafi
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Cash for Cars Cashes in with LED Trail's Astoria Streetlights

When we began looking at LED lighting we had three specific goals. First lowering our electricity bills, second more light where we needed it, and third, better light rendering. We reached all of our goals by using LED Trail’s lights. LED Trail exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend them to other companies and consumers.

- Greg T., President, Cash for Cars Corporation – San Jose, CA

Located near San Jose in Northern California, Cash for Cars is a pre-owned car lot that is a true transportation solution, offering quick, safe and convenient services for buying and selling cars.

Cash for Cars specializes in purchasing vehicles directly from the public and remarketing them at their used car dealership in San Jose, California. Their ever-changing inventory is comprised of pre-owned vehicles that have been thoroughly checked for quality and maintenance.

Cash for cars wanted to better illuminate their car lot so customers would be able to see the vehicles in the best possible light to get a good representation of the colors and other features of the vehicles they liked. Better lighting in car dealerships helps consumers in inspecting the cars anytime during the day or night hours.

LED Lighting has been shown to have a significantly positive effect on the color brilliance of vehicles and in helping consumers with their choices and buying decisions. Offering several different light levels, Astoria streetlights are built on the idea that different applications require different levels of lighting, color intensity and color temperature. Astoria streetlights allow car dealer companies to control the car lot atmosphere and create exactly the right ambience and mood. The cool fresh light of Astoria streetlights invigorate car buyers in the evening hours. Astoria LEDs were installed in the entire Cash for Cars lot in the summer of 2013. Since then, Cash for Car has seen an increase of traffic in the evening hours and has reduced their energy usage by over 50%. Astoria LED streetlights have been optimized to deliver outstanding efficiency and high application performance to provide great light coverage and very attractive ROI. Astoria LED streetlights are installed at car dealerships, parking lots, main roadways, parks and university campuses.

After the installation of the Astoria Streetlights, Greg Tomassian, owner of Cash for Cars stated he was surprised by the brightness and amount of light coverage by the LED Lights, saying “it reminded me of when you go to a jewelry store and in the case you see that white light that really show cases the diamonds. I felt like it was like that.”

Existing electricity usage based on old 400W MH lights: 39,936 KWH
Astoria DX replacement LED streetlight electricity usage: 11,481KWH
Annual Energy savings: 28,455 KWH

By switching to LED Trail’s Astoria series streetlights, Cash for Cars saved approximately $4,500 annually and had a payback of 1.87 year on their investment. For more information on LED Trail's Astoria Streetlights:

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