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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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LED Trail LEDs Link Corporate Values with Increased Profits

LED Trail LEDs Link Corporate Values with Increased Profits

Take one look at Grand Central Bakery’s website and you’ll soon realize that they’re as passionate about the food they make as they are about the impact they have on their community. Grand Central’s owners say, “Sustainability touches everything we do, from where we buy ingredients to how we treat our employees. In every area, we work with mission-aligned vendors who are equally committed to sustainable values. We constantly strive to do better as stewards of the environment, small business owners and participants in the regional economy.”

With the idea that they can produce a great product while making decisions at the corporate level that are environmentally sound, Grand Central determined their existing lighting in their Portland and Seattle locations needed to be reassessed and upgraded. In their search for the best LED lighting solution, they discovered LED Trail and our catalog of high-quality LED lights and fixtures. Knowing that they needed to replace their inefficient fluorescent tube lights, we helped them determine the best solution based on their desire to improve light quality while reducing costs in the bakeries.

“By replacing our fluorescent and Par 30 incandescent bulbs with LED lights, we use less power by a factor of 6, which is more sustainable and costs less money,” said Grand Central Bakery co-owner Ben Davis. “And LED lights give off far less heat in our retail cafes, which means we save on air-conditioning costs. They don’t contain mercury, and they have nice, clean light, which makes our employees happy. It’s a no brainer.”

Grand Central Bakery chose LED Trail's GoldBeach panel lights to replace their inefficient fluorescent tube lights for a few reasons. These LED panel lights are part of an innovative indoor lighting design with super edge-lit technology as their light source allowing for even illumination and soft lighting form with an attractive external appearance. Additionally, they feature very low power consumption which directly aligned with Grand Central’s goals. By switching to our GoldBeach LEDs, Grand Central improved visibility for employees and cast a pleasing and uniform light in the retail area while saving money and reducing energy use.

After the installation of our GoldBeach LED panel lights, Grand Central Bakery informed us that they’ve received compliments from their customers about the improved lighting and have lowered their electricity usage as expected. We’re proud to say that by installing LED Trail LEDs, Grand Central’s electricity usage decreased substantially and they were able to take an important step towards achieving their sustainability goals. The calculated payback was less than 18 months and the benefits of using LED Trail LED lights prompted Grand Central Bakery to use LED Trail's products at multiple other locations.

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