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Friday, May 20, 2022

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Supermarket Lighting Design: Taj Mahal Fresh Market

Supermarket Lighting Design: Taj Mahal Fresh Market

We strongly believe that installing high-quality LEDs can significantly improve energy usage and light quality for any lighting application, so when one of our clients experiences these benefits for themselves we’re compelled to share the improvements with others. One such client that improved their supermarket lighting design with LED Trail LEDs is Taj Mahal Fresh Market in Sunnyvale, California.

The international supermarket prides itself on providing the community with a comfortable and inviting shopping experience paired with an incredible selection of food. The challenge was that the supermarket was originally outfitted with noisy fluorescent tube light fixtures as well as inefficient CFL and HID lights; the owners realized that the current lighting didn’t complement the market’s atmosphere and were looking for a lighting solution that would save energy, reduce energy consumption, and enhance the market’s aesthetics. 

An LED Trail contractor was tasked with determining a lighting solution that would address the client’s desire to replace the old lighting and they agreed upon a combination of LED Trail's lighting products: Crater UFO high bays, SunRiver slim canopy lights, and linear EZ-Mount lights. This combo of LEDs provided the client with energy efficient lights that reduced costs, upgraded the light quality, and eliminated the noise they experienced with their fluorescent lights.

Our LED products provided a much-improved energy consumption rate for Taj Mahal Fresh Market—the deemed kWh savings is 68,528.76, resulting in an annual savings of $14,734.46 and the equivalent environmental impact of taking 10 passenger vehicles off the road. Moreover, the new lighting reduced glare and enhanced light coverage resulting in glistening displays. Now, not only has Taj Mahal Fresh Market experienced a remarkable decline in their energy consumption, they’ve also managed to provide shoppers with the pleasant atmosphere the owners of the market have always desired. 

"I'm thrilled with the results," said Taj Mahal’s Mr. Memon, "We are getting great lighting upgrades and a great payback on our investment."

LED Trail LEDs provided this client with a lighting solution that resulted in a dramatic decrease in energy consumption and greatly improved atmosphere and we look forward to doing the same for your industrial, retail, municipal, or commercial application. Get in touch with us to discuss LED lighting solutions specific to your project: 971-200-2760 | Website | Email:

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