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Friday, May 20, 2022

LED Trail is a US based led lighting manufacturer that supplies clients with high-quality LED lighting solutions; our led lighting blog is the place for insights regarding the latest led lighting technology, expert lighting advice, and some of the hottest led technology trends.

Beware of Cheap Panel Lights!

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LED Panel lights are the most challenging type of commercial lighting to manufacture among all LED Lighting products. The production requires highly specialized machinery as well as many years of experience to ensure high quality production. The bottom line is a cheap PS LGP panel light will cost you substantially more once your customer calls you for warranty replacements.

5 Hidden Benefits of Using LED Lights

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It’s common knowledge that retrofitting your business or home with LED lights is cost effective and environmentally friendly but there are lesser known benefits that have tangible impacts on human beings. Using LED lights as opposed to traditional CFLs or fluorescent lights has several proven health if you needed another reason to make the switch to LEDs!

LED Lighting and Health Benefits

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LED Lighting and Health Benefits - How our biological clock is affected by proper lighting. As LEDs are becoming more commonly used in many aspects and applications, the question of health benefits arise. The following excerpt describes how LED's are in fact, beneficial, to your health - along with many other amazing benefits. An LED is made like other semiconductor products, with each diode being cut from a wafer of crystals layered over a base of silicon, sapphire, nitride, or some other ...

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