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SunRiver Adjustable LED Wall Pack light

SunRiver adjustable LED wall pack lights are a fantastic alternative to environmentally harmful and inefficient High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamps. These DLC Premium adjustable wall packs have been optimized to deliver outstanding efficiency, high lumens, and high application performance to provide great light coverage and very attractive return on your investment. The modern look and versatility makes it a great choice for many new and remodel applications.

The standard stock CCT for this family of products is 5000K. For other CCT options please contact us.


Product Family Technical Specifications

Product No. Watt Size(Inch) CCT Luminous Output Power Factor Voltage IP
48025 25 9.1*5.4*5.2 4000K | 5000K | 5700K 3300 >.9 AC100~277V 65
48040 40 9.1*5.4*5.2 4000K | 5000K | 5700K 5100 >.9 AC100~277V 65
48060 60 9.1*5.4*5.2 4000K | 5000K | 5700K 7700 >.9 AC100~277V 65
48080 80 9.1*8.9*5.2 4000K | 5000K | 5700K 12000 >.9 AC100~277V 65


  • Up to 70% less power consumption compared to traditional wall pack lighting
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Powerful lumen output combined with effective light distribution
  • No mercury or other harmful elements
  • Very low heat discharge
  • No UV radiation


  • Courtyard lighting
  • Entrance lighting
  • Outdoor landscape lighting
  • Other industrial and commercial applications

wp25w48025.IES                     wp40w48040.IES 

wp60w48060.IES                     wp80w48080.IES

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