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Thursday, April 26, 2018

High Quality and High Performance LED lighting from LED Trail

LED Trail is a Portland, OR. based manufacturer and distributor of commercial and industrial LED lighting products and supplies. LED Trail’s products help businesses and organizations use less energy and substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

LED Trail Stands for Quality

LED Trail’s LED lighting products are of similar quality to lights that have been endorsed by governmental agencies and non-profit environmental organizations.

Similar LED products have been introduced in Western Europe for many years, and are being used by many of the fortune 500 companies in their US facilities. Our LED lights comply with certification requirements such as CE, RoHS, UL, ETL, etc.

LED Trail offers products that have a proven track record, a predictable level of performance and industry standard durability.

We define specifications for our partner factories and provide them with a strict set of requirements and guidelines from primary materials to the finished product. This level of scrutiny ensures high product quality and performance.


LED Trail can help you improve your organization’s financial and environmental performance by offering you high quality, durable and low cost LED lighting products that use a fraction of the energy that your current traditional bulbs use.

  • Leveraging advanced technology in design and development of LED lighting.
  • Rigorous testing, quality control/assurance processes.
  • Ability to trace back products to the manufacturing factory to access the test data for continuous improvement.
  • Proven processes to ensure high quality and accountability.
  • Exceptional product and manufacturing certification processes.
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